Supplements that Support Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

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Do you feel down each time the warm weather disappears? Or vice versa?

Well you may be suffering from seasonal depression, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD can occur at any time of the year but most people will experience it during the fall/winter if they live in a cloudy area.

When SAD occurs, we can look at it as the seasonal change chemically affecting our nervous and immune systems. So, in order to support seasonal affective disorder we must first become aware that we are experiencing it. 

If you're experiencing things like sickness, weakness, and moodiness you could try taking a slow approach into making daily changes like:

  • Basking in the sun through a window if it's too cold (whenever it does come out)
  • Journal your thoughts and feelings as a way to release emotions and pay attention to patterns
  • Start incorporating fortified foods into your diet

Here's a list of supplements that may support SAD:


Vitamin D3

Omega 3's

Vitamin C


Amino acids


SAD Collection

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